Why Keyword Planning is Important?

Keyword planning is an important activity because it allows website owners to effectively use the most searched keywords in their web contents.

Google Keyword Planner
For a more successful keyword planning, it is recommended to use Google Keyword Planner. It may not be the perfect tool but it is considered as one of the most effective tools for keyword searching. What more can be effective than a keyword tool that provides the right volume of keyword numbers because they came right out of the source? Google is undoubtedly the best place to go to get the best keywords.

Pros and Cons of Google Keyword Planner

Recently, Google made an announcement regarding the replacement of its free keyword search tool with the Keyword Planner – Google’s integrated PPC tool. With that change, SEO experts are wondering what to do now.
Google’s decision to launch the Keyword Planner means the continued focus on providing support for PPC advertisers than for organic keyword search marketers. This means that Keyword Planner is focused more on PPC ads.

1. Keyword volume can now be viewed on hyper-local basis. This means that users can see search volume not only for their city area but also into surrounding areas.
2. Keyword Planner can divide the keyword into suggested sets.
3. There is a good feature called Multiply Keyword Lists that allows users to search based on combinations of terms from two lists.
4. It is possible to filter out the keywords under specific search volume.
5. Users can search up to more than 100 words, unlike in the previous free tool.

1. Some features are no longer available like Exact, Phrase and Broad
2. Keyword Planner is not good for researching trending topics. Users need to use another tool for that, the Google Trends.
3. Users cannot search for terms that are closely connected to their words.
4. Device targeting has been removed.
5. Global Search is now the default search options being called All Locations and if you need to search locally, you are going to have to drill down further for your specific area.

Keyword Volume Search Alternative Tools

For those who are a bit annoyed with this latest change from Google, there are other alternative tools that you can use for your keyword volume search. The following are some of the best free keyword volume tools available on the web today:

1) Google Webmaster
2) Bing Keyword Tool
3) WordTracker
4) SEMRush

Keyword planning is undoubtedly one of the best Internet marketing techniques today. Every website owner knows that importance of being able to view their keyword volume in order to see how their competitions are doing. It has also become vital to use more than one keyword volume search tool because data can significantly vary based on where it comes from.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner is recommended because it comes from a trusted company. But it is also advisable to try other free tools because it allows you to have a bigger view of how many times a keyword has searches from different sources. For instance, you can view how many searches one keyword has from Google and Bing.

For your keyword planning activities, it would be best to stay with Google and then incorporate one or two other of the given free tools.

Content marketing

What is Search Engine Optimized content?

In general terms, search engine optimized content may refer to a web content with an appropriate keyword optimization. Here, the important thing to be noticed is that this is never enough. Search engine optimized content is not a bunch of keywords being used round and about in an article. In fact, such practice is never even considered effective SEO. While writing content for websites, it is important to target just the right audience who are most likely to become your customers in the future.

Creating engaging content

The most important thing to be kept in mind while creating web content is to make sure that the content being published is engaging enough for the viewers to keep visiting the website. Of course, they will only visit a website once again only when the content captures their interest and that is possible only when the content created hits their benefits.

How to create capturing content?

Given are some of the very important and unfortunately neglected techniques to create and engaging content without even a lot of effort.

Addressing the general public

Now that we are aware of the fact that web content needs to be interesting to read as well as smoothly conveys the message we want to convey in the first place. For example, if we are advertising “a specific watch”, we shall first address the general problems faced by watch users, they seriously demand to be fixed. Later and very patiently, the writer should deliver the message that “our watch carries the exact feature you might be looking for”.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

There are some very basic needs the customers always wished to be fulfilled and are sadly never even talked about. It is all about digging into the general public’s interest and putting yourself in the reader’s shoes, only then can we really have an idea of what we should write for them to capture interest right away.

Use bold words, block letters

Always remember that “first impression is the last impression”. When it comes to writing web content, the reader’s first impression is an article’s first look. You need to make your content pretty and interesting. Plus, it is imperative to use bold words and block letters at appropriate times. Block letters are used in persuasive writing when you want to put massive stress on a word. Bold words are used to indicate words with utmost important in a paragraph and so on.

Use headings and sub headings

No one ever has the time to read a lengthy paragraph. So you need to make headings and sub headings just to make it easier for the viewer to read. Although, it must be noted that all headings are very interesting.


Writing SEO content isn’t only about keyword optimization, it is about creating an interesting, qualitative and error free content that plays substantial role in increasing web traffic.

White Hat SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice of using genuine techniques and strategies in order to improve search performance or to enhance web traffic of a specific website. White hat SEO is nowadays a popular approach that is being implemented by almost every credible website and blog.

Keeping it White hat

Give a vast set of strategies and ideas, it is completely up to the smartness of the web master to pick specific method or methods to increase SERP (Search engine results performance). However, it is also important that they bound their tactics within the given set of rules provided by Google to keep completely legitimate. Provided every set of rubrics, the most successful SEO experts have all came down to the following three most authenticable and lucrative SEO practices.
1. Creating backlinks
2. Link building
3. Keyword optimization

Creating backlinks

The most important thing to be taken care of while creating backlinks is that your backlink must incapacitate authenticated and highly relevant content to the top level domain. This means that a backlink is considered genuine and strongly powerful only if the major keyword topics are the same. Generally, the term “anchor text” (short text description of the HTML back) is used to elaborate the idea. Most popular search engines like Google use the information in the anchor text to identify if the content in the backlink is a really relevant to the text on the web page or not. If yes, the backlink is termed to be authenticated and genuine. Whereas, if that’s not the case, such enactment is considered immensely unprofessional and this is called black hat SEO. Not to mention, it is totally disapproved by the search engines (Google).

How to build authenticated backlinks?

The best and most recommended way to create backlinks is to make social media websites in use. According to the most qualified web masters and SEO experts, social media websites are the most authenticated and legitimate platforms of creating backlinks. Among these, four of the most fruitful recommendations are
• Google profiles
• Linkedin.com
• Digg
• And, Foursquare

Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is the second most popular and recommended SEO strategy. It is the job of the content writers to make the text completely keyword optimized. Majorly, the top most text that are mostly the titles and headings, must have the selected keyword domain.
Summarily, white hat SEO is the ethical SEO. Keeping in between the search engine’s made regulations and the boundaries, avoiding spam links and creating genuine and authenticated keyword optimized content in order to enhance web traffic to the website and increasing page rank: this is called white hat Search engine optimization.