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Website Audit Services


WooRank provides robust data and great graphics in its quick analysis tool. The page boasts organized, user-friendly sections, including technologies, usability, and visitors, making it easy for SEO learners of all levels to learn about their website visibility.


SePptimer looks over more than 20 on-site optimization items on your domain. This useful resource notifies you of five quick tasks you should work on next, such as make a better meta description or put in a proper sitemap.xml file.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the world’s largest link index database! If you want to explore the ins and outs of your URL, this backlink checker will give you detailed information on your domain.


GoingUp provides many features for your site. From free tools, to a heat map, to referring keywords, to inbound links monitoring to traffic trends, your site will get everything it needs for SEO here and only move up the search engine ladder!


Try out SEOMastering detailed and innovative SEO audit service. Second, try out all of the various SEO tools offered for free on the website.

Backlink Checker Tools

Back link Analysis is Very important part of SEO and Internet Marketing. Websites are ranking in search engine by content and backlink. Websites have got penalty because of backlink and content. Both are happening because of backlink that’s why backlink is major part of SEO. Various backlink analysis tools are available on the internet.

Backlink Checker Tools:


77 Google Ranking Factors

1. Domain Age;
2. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain;
3. Keyword As First Word in Domain;
4. Domain registration length;
5. Keyword in Subdomain Name;
6. Domain History;
7. Exact Match Domain;
8. Public vs. Private WhoIs;
9. Penalized WhoIs Owner;
10. Country TLD extension;
11. Keyword in Title Tag;
12. Title Tag Starts with Keyword;
13. Keyword in Description Tag;
14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag;
15. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document;
16. Content Length;
17. Keyword Density;
18. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI);
19. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags;
20. Page Loading Speed via HTML;
21. Duplicate Content;
22. Rel=Canonical;
23. Page Loading Speed via Chrome;
24. Image Optimization;
25. Magnitude of Content Updates;
26. Historical Updates Page Updates;
27. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags;
28. Keyword Word Order;
29. Number of Outbound Links;
30. Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page;
31. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page;
32. Broken Links;
33. Affiliate Links;
34. HTML errors/W3C validation;
35. Page Host’s Domain Authority;
36. Page’s PageRank;
37. URL Length;
38. Human Editors;
39. Page Category;
40. References and Sources;
41. User Friendly Layout;
42. Useful Content;
43. Contact Us Page;
44. Domain Trust/TrustRank;
45. Number of Pages;
46. Presence of Sitemap;
47. Site Uptime;
48. Server Location;
49. SSL Certificate;
50. Terms of Service and Privacy Pages;
51. Breadcrumb Navigation;
52. Mobile Optimized;
53. Use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools;
54. User reviews/Site reputation;
55. Linking Domain Age;
56. Alt Tag (for Image Links);
57. Links from .edu or .gov Domains;
58. PR of Linking Page;
59. Links From Competitors;
60. Social Shares of Referring Page;
61. Nofollow Links;
62. Backlink Anchor Text;
63. Link Title Attribution;
64. Linked to as Wikipedia Source;
65. Microformats;
66. DMOZ Listed;
67. Bounce Rate;
68. Direct Traffic;
69. Chrome Bookmarks;
70. Number of Comments;
71. Google+ Circles;
72. Number of Tweets;
73. Number of Facebook Likes;
74. Pinterest Pins;
75. Site Has Facebook Page;
76. Site has Twitter Profile;
77. Official Linkedin Company Page;

How to Check a Keyword Ranking

The rank of a keyword is the position at which your website appears in the search results of a search engine when someone types in the keyword in the search bar. For example, if somebody searches for “birthday gifts” in the Google search engine and your website appears at the top of the search results list then you have the top ranking for the keyword “birthday gifts,” which is the most desirable rank to have because more people will see your website. You can check a keyword ranking (also known as keyword placement) using various rank checking tools.

The easiest way to check your daily keyword rankings is to use SerpYou’s provides daily keyword rank tracking reports and insight into your website traffic and marketing achievements.