Backlinks for Websites-Most reliable way of Viral Marketing

Websites depend on a lot of marketing techniques and use of backlinks is one such important technique. Backlinks are also known as inward links, inlinks, inbound links, and these are incoming links to a site or a wee page that are received by web nodes from other websites.

Why Backlinks are Important

Originally, backlinks are vital for web navigation, today though these links are significant because of SEO or search engine optimization. The more backlinks are there, the more popular a website or webpage is, and this results to high ranking position on search engine results.
Search engines utilize the amount of backlinks a website has in order to determine the site’s ranking in search engine results, as well as its importance and popularity. There are several SEO techniques being used in the attempt of Internet marketers to boost the number of the backlinks that will point to their sites. There are free techniques that can be used easily by almost anyone, while other methods (e.g. linkbaiting) need some marketing and planning in order to work.

There are websites that stumble naturally on link baiting like those with contents about celebrities. When there is a linkbait, it can only be expected that many websites are going to link to that baiting site because information is already in existence there and a lot of people are surely going to read that and click the links from there.

Factors Determining Backlinks Value

Many factors determine backlink’s value:
• Backlinks coming from authoritative pages on certain topics are considered very valuable
• Relevant keyword topics are also used in determining the value of backlinks
• Anchor text is another important factor because labels the page’s hyperlink

Types of Backlinks

There are basically two types of backlinks:
1. Dofollow and
2. Nofollow backlinks.

I. Dofollow backlinks are backlinks being followed by the search engine when they crawl a website. When a search engine crawler enters a page, it crawls the entire blog including its links, images and everything else, and when crawling dofollow links the crawler lands at the page. For instance, a page links to another page and once the crawler crawl the link it lands at the second page and that will result in faster site indexing. This will result to more traffic and higher page ranking.

II. Nofollow backlinks are the backlinks containing nofollow tags. These backlinks are easily ignored by search engine crawler and this means that even though they can provide good traffic, your page may not reach high ranking search results.


Backlinks are important for a website, not just because they can provide higher traffic into a website, but also because they can help your site or page gets high ranking search engine results. Basically, your website needs to be linked to popular pages so that you can get higher number of readers that could easily turn into possible buyers or customers.

If you want to boost the popularity of your web pages, you need to understand that use of backlinks is one of the most important Internet marketing strategies out there. Many site owners have been getting benefits from this specific method, and the good thing about it is that you wouldn’t have to really spend too much time and money just so you can take advantage of backlinks.