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Web analytics review

The following article contains:
• What is web analytics?
• What importance do web analytics carry?
• Keeping updated: Why so important?
• 4 best web analytic tools

What is web analytics?

“Web analytics make it easy for the webmasters to acquire a complete set of information regarding their website and its traffic. All such information can be used to create effective business strategies, dynamic alterations and to bring about appropriate tactics into the business solutions.”

What importance do web analytics carry?

Web analytics is not merely a collection of statistics about the web traffic but it is, in fact the web analytics that determine the complete performance of a website. It is used to statistically define the results of marketing strategies and applied variations on the website. Provided all such conclusive information about the website, web analytics carry massive importance in the reputation and success of a website. Good web analytics set the roots for competitive search engine optimization.

Keeping updated: Why so important?

So far, many web analytics applications have been introduced in the market. Topping them all, Google web analytics has become the choice of many website owners and experts. Also, it is highly recommended that every website owner who wishes to make a career out of it, uses a well-doing web analytics application to keep updated about the performance of their website. It lets the owner realize where their website stands in the market. It makes them understand which tactics and techniques have been doing well earlier and thus, need to be implemented again and which ones are to be culminated because of their lack of performance.

4 mostly recommended web analytics tools

According to the world’s best recommendation websites and SEO experts, given is a list of four most effective web analytic tools that may help you enhance your website’s performance immensely.

1. Google
Google tops the list of every web analytics application, even the costly ones. It is a very, comprehensive and very elaborative analytics software that compiles up literally every information one needs to know about their website.

2. Adobe digital marketing suite
Featured to be enhanced with Test&Target i.e. for A/B testing. It has extremely handy options and can even be easily used by junior SEOs. However, it is a priced tool with $5000+month cost.

3. Yahoo Web analytics
It is another free web analytic software that covers each and every little tiny detail about a website and its traffic. It is somehow comparable to the Google web analytics but carries more advanced charting options. With enhanced customization, profiling and filtering options, Yahoo is recommended by many SEO expert and professionals.

Not very different from what the name suggests, provides a complete statistical statement in the form of charts and graphs to the user. Also with deep analytical results, gives a thorough overview on where the website stands among other domain related websites.

Summing it up, it is important for every websites better performance that they use an effective web analytics tool.