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Web-based vs. desktop-based rank tracking tools

Anyone who has tried to manually find their website’s position in a search engine knows it takes way too long, and that they should spend that time in a much more productive way. When you get to a certain point in your business you can’t afford not to use a rank tracker. There are two types of rank trackers: web-based and desktop-based.

Web-based rank tracker like SerpYou

Your rankings are checked daily and automatically.
You can track as many keywords as you need.
No proxies. No hassle.
View you rankings or edit your keywords anywhere with an internet connection.

Desktop-based rank tracker

Your rankings are only updated when you are running program.
If you track more than a handful of keywords you’ll likely be temporary blocked by search engines like Google.
You may need to buy proxies in order to avoid being blocked by search engines.
You can only view your rankings on your own computer.

How to Check a Keyword Ranking

The rank of a keyword is the position at which your website appears in the search results of a search engine when someone types in the keyword in the search bar. For example, if somebody searches for “birthday gifts” in the Google search engine and your website appears at the top of the search results list then you have the top ranking for the keyword “birthday gifts,” which is the most desirable rank to have because more people will see your website. You can check a keyword ranking (also known as keyword placement) using various rank checking tools.

The easiest way to check your daily keyword rankings is to use SerpYou’s provides daily keyword rank tracking reports and insight into your website traffic and marketing achievements.